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File Preparation Instructions

  • Build art in 1:1 full scale when possible or 1:10 scale for very large graphics, but any clearly indicated scale is acceptable.
  • Files should be supplied in CMYK.
  • All logos should be supplied as vector outlines or at the highest available resolution.
  • Convert all text to outlines where possible, or include copies of all fonts used in the artwork.
  • Embed or include all support and linked files
  • Indicate any specific Pantone colors as needed for color match.
  • Place all guidelines on a separate layer.
  • Provide 2 inches of perimeter bleed for all wraps.
  • Provide a lo-res PDF or screenshot to ensure proper placement.

Image Resolution

The recommended image resolution depends on the viewing distance.  Here are some suggested minimum image resolutions at final size:

  • Close up:  200-300 dpi  (hand held prints)
  • Arm's Length:  150 dpi  (3-10 feet distance, such as directional signage, ad posters)
  • Mid-Range:  100 dpi  (10-25 feet distance, such as banners, vehicle wraps)
  • Far Away:  50 dpi (25 feet away or more, such as building wraps, bus/trailer wraps, billboards)

Remember that the resolutions suggested above are at final size.  For instance, if your artwork is created at 1:10 scale, you must multiply the suggested resolution by 10 so it is correct when enlarged.


Please provide information about the file you are sending. Include what application you used to create the file.

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